Let us connect you to the sun

Why solar energy


Save money

Investing in a solar energy system is one of the best investments you can make at the moment. On average our solar customers recover their investment between 4 to 7 years. This means that after that period you have almost zero energy costs during the rest of the lifespan of your solar panels (total lifespan 25-30 years).

Go green

Solar energy is one of the cleanest energy sources. With solar energy you will reduce your carbon footprint of your energy consumption to almost nothing. You will actively contribute to a cleaner and sustainable future of the Dominican Republic that will be less dependent of fossil fuels.

Solar Basics


1. Solar panels

To capture the energy of the sun you need solar panels. The photovoltaic cells in the solar panels convert sunlight to direct current (DC) power. The panels can be installed on your roof or an empty piece of land.

2. Inverter

The solar panels are connected to an inverter. The inverter converts the  DC power into alternating current (AC) power (220v/110v).

3. Safety switch

The inverter is then connected to the safety switch. With this switch you can disconnect the solar panels from the grid in the unlikely event of a calamity.

4. Bi-directional meter*

The bi-directional meter  measures the surplus of produced energy injected into the grid and the consumption of the energy from the grid. The utility company provides the bi-directional meter upon request. Depending on your electricity company there might be an onetime additional fee.

*Step 4 doesn’t apply to a stand alone system with batteries, which is not connected to the electricity grid.

The road to solar energy

  • Consultation

    We will check your energy needs, energy bills and installation options and answer all your questions.

  • Design

    We will design a solar system that meet your needs. We handle all the paper work for taxes and the energy company.

  • Finance

    We have good contacts with banks. So instead of paying your energy bills, you pay financing costs. The duration of loans are usually between 5 and 8 years.

  • Installation

    Our installation crew will take care of a high quality and solid installation of your solar energy system.

  • Ready

    As soon as your electricity company has installed the bi-directional meter, we will connect the solar energy system and start up the system. From this moment on you will reduce your energy bills. It's that easy!

Contact Us

If you have any question about solar energy, electric mobility, rental services and/or maintenance requests please contact us.

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