Golf Cart Sales

The biggest selection of Golf Carts in the Dominican Republic

New Golf Carts

Would you like to buy a golf cart? We have the biggest selection of golf cart models in the Dominican Republic. You can choose from more than 20 different types of models of the brands ECO, STAR and Yamaha.

The golf cart brands that we sell are build with the best parts for the best prices. You can choose between electric golf carts and gasoline golf carts. 

Do you need help to decide between electric golf carts and gasoline golf carts? Please contact us or read this article.

The golf carts of ECO and STAR have a manufacturer warranty of 2 years. And the golf carts of Yamaha have a manufacturer warranty of 4 years.


New Electric Golf Carts

If you are looking for golf carts that are quiet and don’t want to smell gasoline fumes, we recommend electric golf carts.

All our electric golf carts have an integrated charger. Just plug the extension in your outlet and it will start charging, just like your mobile phone. No need to go to the petrol station to get gasoline.

ECO Golf Carts

ECO Drive 2+2 AC

Price: $10500

ECO Drive 4+2 AC

Price: $12500

ECO Drive 6+2 AC

Price: $14500

ECO Plus 2+2 AC

Price: $11500

ECO Plus 4+2 AC

Price: $13500

ECO Plus 6+2 AC

Price: $15500

ECO Sport 2+2 AC

Price: $12900

ECO Sport 4+2 AC

Price: $14900 

STAR Golf Carts

STAR Sirius 2+2

Price: $14400

STAR Sirius 2+2 Lifted

Price: $15900

STAR Sirius 4+2

Price: $17900

STAR Sirius 4+2 Lifted

Price: $19900 

Yamaha Golf Carts

Yamaha Drive2 PTV 2+2 AC

Price: $12600

Yamaha Concierge 4+2 AC

Price: $17600 

New gasoline Golf Carts

If you are looking for the best gasoline golf carts, we recommend the golf carts made by Yamaha.

These golf carts are a little bit more expensive, but the quality is very high. And for a gasoline golf cart it’s very quiet.

Carritos de golf Yamaha

Yamaha Drive2 PTV 2+2 GAS EFI

Price: $11500

Yamaha Concierge 4+2 GAS EFI

Price: $15900 

Used Golf Carts

If you’re looking for low priced golf carts, we recommend you to buy an used golf cart or a semi new golf cart.

It can be difficult to find a well maintained golf cart which is used. But you won’t have that problem with our used golf carts.

The majority of our golf carts are used by our rental operations, are well maintained and aren’t older than 2 or 3 years.

We can say precisely how old your golf cart is and its maintenance history.

We are confident about the quality of our used golf carts on which you’ll get a 3-month warranty. 

Used Electric Golf Carts

ECO Golf Carts

Please call +1. 829 954 8646 for availability.

STAR Golf Carts

STAR Classic 36-2+2

Dec 2016
Price: $4900

Used Gasoline Golf Carts

Yamaha Golf Carts

Please call +1. 829 954 8646 for availability.

Maintenance and reparations



It doesn’t matter if you bought your golf cart with us or from a competitor, you can buy your maintenance contracts with us. This way we can maintain your electric golf cart or your gasoline golf cart fleet in tip top shape so you can enjoy your golf cart for many years to come. 


If your golf carts are in need of a reparation, we have access to spare parts of all big golf cart brands like EZGO, Club Car and Yamha. Our reparation services are quick and reliable.



Sometimes you want your golf cart to be unique. We can help you with that. We can give your golf cart a customized color and upgrade it with some luxury rims. Just tell us how we can help you.

Maintenance Contract for Electric Golf Carts

$160 for one year

The Contract Includes:


Maintenance service every 3 months


Battery water check and fill-up 


Nuts and bolts check to make sure they are all tightened


Brakes and lights check

Spare Parts


In need of spare parts for your golf carts? We can help you find original parts, batteries and chargers.

We sell parts of all big golf cart brands, like ECO, STAR, Yamaha, EZGO and Club Car.

When we have the part in stock we can deliver it right away and install it for you. If not, we’ll order it for you.